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With An Eye Towards The Future, BearClaw Continues To Build On Its Product Line And Develop New Niche Products That Complement Its Better Quality And Build.
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BearClaw History

BearClaw Equipment Inc. was founded by Elwin Bearinger and his father Mervin, who drew on their farm upbringing to bring ingenuity and innovation to their equipment. The BearClaw Bale Processor, designed for maneuverability in low barns, showcased their 'All Wheel Drive' and Steering technology. The success led to the expansion into cargo and construction trailers, featuring patented technology. In 2021, BearClaw moved to a larger factory for increased production. The company aims for ongoing product development and the introduction of new niche products aligning with their commitment to quality.
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What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

Our Equipment is sturdy, reinforced, durable, superior in strength, and has unique/patented features that distinguish it from competitors. Check out what we offer to discover what makes us unique.
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Our Products

BearClaw has products that can suit your day-to-day farm needs. Find out what best suits your needs.


Using a hook and screen system, the BearClaw shredder provides a long lasting shredding system without wasting time sharpening knives.
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Construction Trailers

If you need to move a lot of dirt, clay soil, or gravel, then the Bearclaw Construction Dump Trailer is the right choice for you.
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Grain/Silage Trailers

With hydraulic brakes, drop down front gate and optional grain door kits, BearClaw Grain/Silage trailers allow easier loading and unloading of silage and grains.
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